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Hi Sara--Just sent you a facebook friend invite, and followed up with a google. Nice to see you're based in Paris--I'll give a heads up to my sister-in-law who lives there, and who my wife and I visit from time to time...esp. when things are 'normal'...hope our next visit coincides with one of your gigs! -Jon Rubin (Harvard Jazz Band, Class of '85)

Jon Rubin 26/07/21

Excellent concert à Concarneau au Carré des Larrons il y a.... quelques années!

Roselyne 20/04/21

Love your music! I’ve been learning some Gypsy jazz lately. I’ve been a pro guitarist my whole life and I’m enjoying it so very much!

Michael Cox 15/11/20

Love your singing!

Bob M 07/11/20

Sara - I love your music! I would love to see you in Paris.

Koeun 06/11/20

Hello, can you indicateur me your agent contact for a request in Moscow. Best regards. My mail is

Artero Jean Pauk 01/09/19

Looking forward to hearing you sing in Paris at the Sunside. Love your style!

Michelle 19/12/18

when the next concert in paris?

arthur 31/08/18

am from wilmington and went to school with your brother who was the smartest person in my class. he told me of you . i have watched you now on utube and my daughter just ordered 3 CDs for me. your music is fantastic. you have a beautiful voice.

allen tanner 24/11/17

Really enjoy your singing. Will you be performing any time soon in the US?

Elizabeth 21/03/17

1/12 next

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