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Really enjoy your singing. Will you be performing any time soon in the US?

Elizabeth 21/03/17

Dear Sara Big Fan!!!!Thanks to a friend of mine, a musician-Who introduced me to you.I was hooked - Great Voice - I have two of your albums- Give me the simple life and Its all right with me with the great Bireli Lagrene- Do you have any more albums- I am one of those people who still buy CD's .

shane croner - From Sri Lanka 19/02/17

Dear Sara, I like your voice and your manner of singing jazz very much! I first herd you sing on Radio Swiss Jazz (my favourite jazz station) You were performing in Paris on New Years Eve, I was there on that day but had to take my train in the afternoon to return to London, such a pity! Are you planning to perform in London and the UK in the New Year!? Where could one read the schedule of your concerts in the coming year! All the best in the New Year, Mike

Mike Kupershtein 03/01/17

Love your singing. Any plans for a new cd?

Debbie 17/09/16

Hi Sara, We met 31 years ago through your sister Liz who I knew in DC. Say hi for me. I have one of your CDs, which is exquisite. I came to Paris in the summer of 1985 for a visit and you were tutoring English. I stayed with you a few days during my travels. We talked about our dreams and danced around your apartment singing "Can't Nobody Love Me Better," by Chaka Khan. Won't forget lunch at a small Parisian café. You had to order because my French was limited. Still is! I write books now and live in California. So proud of you! Thank you for the warm, rich memory. Would love to touch base with you and Liz who I love equally as much... Peace and Blessings, Joslyn Gaines Vanderpool

Joslyn Gaines Vanderpool 27/08/16

Sous ton aile je deviendrais le meilleur !! Ca peut paraître too much et pourtant.... !!!! Jah guide

Léo Vigourous 28/06/16

Chère Sarah j’espère vraiment qu'aux auditions d'entrée dans ta classe tu vas réaliser que je suis le plus passioné et le plus determiné à intégrer ta classe !! Ayant fait le tour des conservatoires parisien et des enseignants... you are the one ! J'ai aussi realisé que mike ellis t'avais déja contacté a mon sujet (sacré uncle mike). Je sais que tu fais usage du hasard mais la... franchement tu n'imagines même pas le potentiel motivation travail passion du jeune frisé doté d'une très bonne oreille et d'une voix puissante ne demandant que la précision de ton cadre. Me permettant de prendre un essor considérable dans le monde de la musique jazz electronique (artiste frais et innovant) ainsi que de la musicothérapie pour le plus grand bien de ceux qui souffrent. Ce message n'est qu'une graine de plus semé sur le terrain de la persuasion pré concour. Que le seigneur guide notre rencontre sensei sarah insh allah

Léo Vigourous 28/06/16

Simply the best, from this day forward Miss Lazarus will be known as: Sara "The Voice" Lazarus.

Elliott 28/05/16

Just want to dive into and swim around all day in this amazing rich voice. Wonderful.

Phil 28/02/16

Very much waiting for your next album...!!

Bob 21/01/16

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