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Chère Sarah j’espère vraiment qu'aux auditions d'entrée dans ta classe tu vas réaliser que je suis le plus passioné et le plus determiné à intégrer ta classe !! Ayant fait le tour des conservatoires parisien et des enseignants... you are the one ! J'ai aussi realisé que mike ellis t'avais déja contacté a mon sujet (sacré uncle mike). Je sais que tu fais usage du hasard mais la... franchement tu n'imagines même pas le potentiel motivation travail passion du jeune frisé doté d'une très bonne oreille et d'une voix puissante ne demandant que la précision de ton cadre. Me permettant de prendre un essor considérable dans le monde de la musique jazz electronique (artiste frais et innovant) ainsi que de la musicothérapie pour le plus grand bien de ceux qui souffrent. Ce message n'est qu'une graine de plus semé sur le terrain de la persuasion pré concour. Que le seigneur guide notre rencontre sensei sarah insh allah

Léo Vigourous 28/06/16

Simply the best, from this day forward Miss Lazarus will be known as: Sara "The Voice" Lazarus.

Elliott 28/05/16

Just want to dive into and swim around all day in this amazing rich voice. Wonderful.

Phil 28/02/16

Very much waiting for your next album...!!

Bob 21/01/16

Dear Sara, I really love your voice and your music. I was lucky enough to attend two of your concerts, at the Sunside in 2014 and also at Segré's jazz festival back in '11 (or '10?). Do you have a new album on the way? Best wishes for the New Year :)

Pyer0 11/01/16

First time I heard you, and I am really impressed. You have a gift!! Love your amazing voice!

Luciano Gougain 04/01/16

I was checking you tube to put a song in my guitar, bass, drum trio. I came across your version of Morning...a beautiful version with a great band....What a fantastic voice, phrasing , tone, etc

John Kozinski 24/12/15

Chicago? Green Mill, Jazz Showcase? They will love you. Mark

Mark Wilhelms 26/10/15

i know your brother Lewis, am a sometime cabaret singer from NYC. In Paris at this moment, would love to see you perform (have a number of your CDs). Are you performing anywhere at this moment?

Tony DeNicola 09/09/15

Fellow jazz singer...much older than you...I was surfing on Youtube and know a Sara Louise Lazarus..a director for singers..I clicked on your recording of "Morning"...and what a lovely discovery !! My husband and I live 3 months of the year in Antibes.Will you be singing in our area anytime in the near future ?? I'd love to come hear you. Always like to meet a fellow Francophile !! I work with wonderful musicians in France. In the States I have worked with Mike Renzi, Jay Leonhart , Lee Musiker and Grady Tate and now with Tedd Firth. I sang with Frank Amsellam in Paris ,perhaps 15 or more years ago !!! Anyway, I really appreciate your "uncluttered ,smooth style of singing"

Jane Scheckter 07/08/15

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