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Sara? When I first heard your song "Embraceable You" on the Singer and Standards Music Choice channel on my cable television, I had thought that you were a talented female artist from the 1940s, because you have that classic type of talented voice that sounds like it is from that time era. I was surprised to find out that you were not born until 1962. Therefore, I get the distinct impression that when you were growing up, you hung around someone older in your family who was musically talented and knew a lot about music of the 1940s and that person guided you in developing your talent to sing this kind of music. Either that, or you had a favorite female artist from the 1940s to whom you listened on your record player and/or CD player, and you got your inspiration from her to start singing this kind of music. I wish there were more singers like you in this day and age singing this kind of music so that more of this type of music could be heard on the radio instead of all the cheesy stuff that one hears on the radio nowadays. Nowadays the music entertainment industry is in trouble and on the brink of its downfall, because there just isn't enough talented artists like you out there. Computer technology is killing the rhythm and the melody heard in today's songs, and singers just don't put their hearts into their music like the ones did years ago. You're the exception to that, because your voice actually sounds natural and reaches the soul.


You can melt butter with your voice, thank you for sharing your gift
... Philip


You are so tasteful, and I love your full yet passionate tone and horn-like phrasing; keep up the good work; you are indeed blessed with a unique spirit and loving soul.

louis benavidez jr.05/06/15

Hi Sara,

I love your music! Could you please perform in the U.S. anytime soon? Please?

Kona from Utah


Je t'ai entendue un soir au Sun side, il y a quelques années de cela. De retour en métropole, j'aimerais beaucoup t'entendre de nouveau. A quand un concert dans le sud ouest de la France ? (pays basque....)

Catherine Castérès11/08/14

hello sara think you for yours melody and your beautiful voice i hope to see you one day
louisdjing one of your fan in france


j'aimerais tant venir t'écouter; A quand ds la région parisienne? ou bien Lot et Garonne!
A très bientôt
je t'embrasse

Véronique TM10/02/14

J'aime ta voix et ta façon si pure de chanter (je sais que tu parles le Français). J'aimerais tant t'entendre chanter à nouveau "throw it away".

Francis Zérah08/11/14

Oh, btw, Happy Birthday!

Gordon Braun03/30/14

Wow! I knew how good you were on sax and piano, but I'd never heard you sing while attending Brandywine. Mega congrats! Totally love your rendition of "Taking a Chance on Love.

Gordon Braun03/30/14

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