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I had Sara Lazarus with Bireli Lagrene Gipsy Project for ages (2006!) amongst many other audio CD and believe it or not this morning your audio CD spontaneously jumped out of the shelf and its box broke down one meter below. I presume he committed suicide due to my indifference through all those years. I suppose an audio CD one never listens to cannot find sense to its existence. Fortunately the audio CD itself was safe and now I listen to it. The music and your voice are so beautiful!!! I wonder why you haven't published another audio CD after this one in 2006. Well I cannot blame you. I myself was published in Paris in 2007 and my suite of novels I promised to my publisher in 2007 is not finished yet. I notice in Wikipedia you were born on a 1st April so I am not quite you really exist. Sara Lazarus with Bireli Lagrene Gipsy Project though exists and it's so stunning that I will listen to it many times from now on! I have many Sinti ancestors alas the whole tribe disappeared in Auschwitz. By the way two long chapters of my suite of novels tell their story and fate. The three first novels are finished but working on the two last ones I still find some information about the first ones (it's all about a real story) and I wait to have the fifth finished before I send them all to the Parisian publishers. Thank you again, Sara Lazarus!

Yours sincerely, Jean-Pierre Crecoeur


Love the way you sing Morning

Julie Rodgers08/17/13

Hello Sara, Thank you for the wonderful evening at Sunside just after Christmas with Abbey Lincoln's music in particular ! I was so delighted with "Throw It Away"; that I would like to play it also (I am pianiste-amateur). However, I am not able to find any music for it, only the lyrics, and I am not able to pick up the melody from the cd (unfortunately!). Would you kindly help me by sending me the music (the melody and scores) or let me know where I can find them? Thank you in advance for all your help. My email:
Kind Regards


Un grand merci pour cette merveilleuse soirée au sunset/sunside, pleine de swing endiablés, de scat de talent et de balades à vous faire voyager...


Sara, I just wanted to add that I found your Abbey Lincoln material on YouTube very moving. And oh yes, my favorites of hers used to be Straight Ahead and Blue Monk but now it's Painted Lady and above ALL The River! If you perchance sing it in my presence one day, they may have to carry me out.

Evan Chandlee08/17/13

Hello Sara Lazarus,
I belatedly discovered you via your wonderful version of The Best Things in Life Are Free, rarely heard. I like "Gypsy" too.
I am finally going to be able to catch you on the 29th.
I have a request from my wife. She's French and would enjoy your show more if she had the lyrics. I see that a lot of songs related to Abbey are available on the internet. Could you send us the list so I could print them up for her in advance?

See you soon ,

Evan C.

Evan Chandlee08/17/13

I LOVE your rendition of "Morning" as the music by Claire Fischer I found in a Real Fake book years ago (like that love I lost so long ago).


Make an new album and come to Japan with Bireli.

Bobo Brazil08/17/13

Sara thank you for existing, you're wonderful and magical, greetings from Argentina


Wow - I'm so glad you're still alive. I've been searching for years, but no news. Yours is the freshest voice I've heard since I discovered Rosa Pasos. You are the greatest, Sara, and with Bireli, it is magic!


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